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Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School

Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School We aspire that through the love of Jesus everyone should ‘have life and have it to the full.’

Year 4

Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School We aspire that through the love of Jesus everyone should ‘have life and have it to the full.’

Welcome to Year 4!



Letter regarding help for First Holy Communion

Letter regarding swimming and poetry

Y4 Swimming letter

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Home Learning


In addition to the learning I have posted on See Saw, please visit these websites for some extra learning activities smiley



Autumn Term 2 

Well that was fun! We've had such a busy term doing lots of exciting learning with some lovely Christmas activities thrown in too! 


English - The Jabberwocky 

We loved reading our class text at the beginning of the term, The Jabberwocky! We had lots of giggles making up our own nonsense words and writing our own version in the style of Lewis Carol. Best of all, we absolutely loved performing the Jabberwocky! We used emphasis, expression and actions to make our performance all the more exciting! 



PE - Hockey 

Learning to play hockey this term has strengthened our ball control and hand/eye coordination. We've also developed our teamwork to play effectively as a team. It was great to develop our physical skills by learning a new sport!  





Science - Electricity 

We became electricians this term! Learning new words such as conductor, insulator and circuit. We have enjoyed investigating circuits and have loved creating our very own electric buzzer game for Christmas! 








Christmas Extravaganza! 

Due to Covid restrictions this year, our Christmas performance was filmed for the silver screen! We loved becoming film stars for the afternoon when we recorded our performance. In class we have been learning about Christmas around the World and we wanted to share what we had learnt with all the families of Our Lady's Primary School. So, for our performance, we celebrated Christmas in the Philippines, Lithuania and, of course, Hereford! 

Our favourite part was learning how to say Merry Christmas in lots of different languages - Maligayang Pasko! 




Art - Filipino Parol

As part of our Christmas journey travelling around the world, we learnt of a traditional Filipino Christmas decoration. A Star shaped lantern called a Parol. We really enjoyed getting creative and designing and making our own Filipino Parol. 




RE - Advent Assembly 

We recognised the liturgical season of Advent this term. As part of our preparation for the arrival of Jesus we reflected on the Christmas story. Our class thought specially of Joseph - Jesus' father on earth. We remembered and celebrated Joseph for our Advent Assembly and reflected on the importance of standing by those you love - just as Joseph did. 





Reindeer Visit! 

We received some rather unexpected visitors during our last week of term! Father Christmas had lost two of his reindeers and you'll never guess where they showed up! Our Lady's Primary School! It was so wonderful to meet the two Reindeer, it was a truly magical experience and made us all feel very Christmassy indeed! Fingers crossed they made it back to the North Pole in time for Christmas Eve! 








Autumn Term 1 


Wow! We have had so much fun this term, travelling back in time to the Ancient Egyptians! 


Have a look at what we have been getting up to...



We learnt about the Ancient Egyptian process of Mummification. Once we knew how it was done, we tried it out for ourselves! 




Embalming Tomatoes! 

We combined our knowledge of science and history to investigate whether we could embalm a tomato! 

We followed the steps learnt from the Ancient Egyptians and explored the effects of salt for preserving. 






Egyptian Headdresses 

We discovered Tutankhamun's Tomb in our English lessons which inspired us to become Pharaohs for the day. We designed and made our own Headdresses in the style of Tutankhamun. 





Halloween Science Fun! 

We used our investigative skills to explore the reactions of different products.


What happens when we mix bicarbonate soda with glue? 


What effect does shaving foam have on bicarbonate soda? 


Why do they react in this way? 


We managed to create some sticky spooky slime from our investigation! 







The photographs are from our first PE lesson in which we were learning how to jump and land in gymnastics. The other photos are from our Art lesson in which we were drawing self portraits, inspired by Van Gogh and Salvador Dali.