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Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School

Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School We aspire that through the love of Jesus everyone should ‘have life and have it to the full.’

How is Our Lady’s School accessible to children with SEN?

Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School We aspire that through the love of Jesus everyone should ‘have life and have it to the full.’

Our Lady’s is an inclusive school. Adjustments are made to the curriculum to meet the needs of all our children. Where possible, appropriate adaptations will be made to the school building to ensure accessibility. In addition we aim to ensure that all children have access to our extra-curricular activities.

Our Lady's is a single storey building with many entrances. All of the classrooms are in the main building. There is a separate ‘terrapin’ temporary building which houses the Breakfast Club and After School Club and is sometimes used for other activities. This building was installed relatively recently and is fully accessible with its own disabled toilet facilities. A Disabled toilet is available in the main building close to the main accessible entrance to the school. Where recent building work has been carried out e.g. the recent development of the Courtyard area, car park development etc., it has been ensured that accessibility was built in to all plans. The main entrance to the School has level access as do a number of other entry points. There are currently 2 classrooms, currently housing  Year 3 and Year 2 and the entrance to lower junior cloakroom that involve a step up. There are alternative accessible routes to all these classrooms.

Where children need special pieces of equipment to enable them to access the curriculum, these will generally be provided from the school budget. This might include writing slopes, pencil grips and special pens for children with motor skills difficulties, Coloured exercise books or overlays for pupils experiencing visual stress or Special learning materials like Numicon to help children who struggle with Maths. In some cases simple word processing devices have been provided for children who struggle with writing. We are currently trialling the use of Ipads with children with High Level Special Needs.

Where very specialist and expensive equipment is require e.g. for children with a hearing Impairment, we seek advice and support from the relevant specialist support service in commissioning equipment and securing the relevant funding.

School accessibility plan