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Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School We aspire that through the love of Jesus everyone should ‘have life and have it to the full.’


Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School We aspire that through the love of Jesus everyone should ‘have life and have it to the full.’

History Week

History Week took place in at the end of Spring 1 2020. This was a fantastic opportunity for us to develop History further within the school.

My aim as co-ordinator is to support the children to develop a passion and enthusiasm for History and that was to the forefront of my mind when planning for the week. In addition, I was aware of the importance of ensuring that children were developing history skills such as chronological understanding and historical investigation.

We decided as a staff, after brainstorming, to focus on different decades of the 20th century as we feel that modern history is an area somewhat neglected. We also loved the idea of introducing it with a timeline and concluding with a presentation where children could share their historical learning and could see development and progression throughout the century.

The week was launched with a power point presented created by the History co-ordinator entitled "A journey through the decades of the 20th Century". The aim of this was to introduce key chronological dates, figures and events from the 20th century. Teachers selected what decade they felt was age appropriate and accessible for their classes. Some classes emphasised particular events from this decade, while others choose to study historically significant figures from that particular era. These were our areas of study:

  • Y6: focus on the 1970s.
  • Y5: 1960s focus on the space race and Neil Armstrong.
  • Y4: 1900s focus on inventions and specifically the Wright Brothers.
  • Y3: 1940s focus on World War 2.
  • Y2: 1910s focus on "Titanic".
  • Y1: 1980s.
  • Reception: 1940s and in particular the Queen.

Teachers approached this creating cross-curricular links with other subjects but were mindful of History being the primary focus. There were a wide variety of interesting lessons across the school ranging from discussions and debates such as why did the Titanic sink, what happened during the battle of Britain and why were the Soviet Union and America racing to be the first man on the moon. Cross-curricular links were wide and varied, and included biographies on the Wright Brothers, Picasso and art in the 1970s, designing boats and aeroplanes! The week culminated in a dress up day on Friday where children dressed in clothing representing their decade. In addition, that day children presented their learning as one of the skills of history is presenting, organising and communicating. Overall, it was a very enjoyable week for the children and staff and we feel that History Week was a great success.